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FORD BANTAM 1.3I PICKUP SINGLECAB2006 173,615km East Rand WHITE R63,500.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3I XL AC PU SC2011 115,000km East Rand WHITE R79,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 XL AC PICKUP SINGLECAB2010 131,943km East Rand WHITE R95,500.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 XLT2006 191,000km Cape Town  R64,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6I A/TC PICKUP SINGLECAB2009 229,330km East Rand WHITE R79,500.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6I XLT2010 140,820km Cape Town  R109,900.00
FORD EVEREST 3.0 TDCI XLT 4X42010 78,273km East Rand WHITE R199,500.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6I TREND 5DR2010 181,275km East Rand SILVER R117,500.00
FORD FIESTA FLITE 1.3 3DR2003 195,764km East Rand WHITE R47,500.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2010 106,789km Cape Town  R79,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2010 99,914km East Rand WHITE R95,500.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2013 17,569km Cape Town  R99,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2012 57,628km Cape Town  R94,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2012 50,040km East Rand GREEN R99,500.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2012 51,151km Cape Town  R89,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TDCI2012 14,000km Pretoria RED R114,950.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TREND2011 102,353km East Rand WHITE R95,500.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TRENDLINE2011 58,613km Cape Town  R104,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4I AMBIENTE2013 17,535km Cape Town  R107,900.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6 AMBIENTE2012 39,037km Cape Town  R159,900.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6 AMBIENTE2009 130,542km Cape Town  R89,995.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6 TI VCT AMBIENTE2012 57,896km Cape Town  R149,995.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6I2013 59,000km East Rand SILVER R159,950.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 AMBIENTE2009 196,026km East Rand WHITE R114,500.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 SI2009 128,757km Cape Town  R129,995.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 SI2010 126,000km East Rand GREY R149,950.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 SI 5DR2010 143,509km East Rand  R139,950.00
FORD FOCUS 2.0 TDCI SI A/TT2011 52,000km Cape Town  R169,995.00
FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST2008 92,000km East Rand BLACK R199,950.00
FORD FOCUS RS 2.52010 48,902km East Rand WHITE R575,500.00
FORD FOCUS ST 1702003 220,008km East Rand SILVER R69,500.00
FORD IKON 1.4 AMBIENTE2008 150,000km Cape Town GREY R69,995.00
FORD IKON 1.4 TDCI TRENDLINE2009 104,993km Cape Town  R79,995.00
FORD KUGA 2.5 TITANIUM A/TT2013 17,000km Pretoria SILVER R329,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCI HI TRAIL XLE A/TT2009 106,149km Pretoria WHITE R219,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCI HI TRAIL XLT SUPER-CAB2010 93,300km Pretoria WHITE R209,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCI XLT HI TRAIL SUP CAB2009 138,412km Pretoria WHITE R189,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCI XLS 4X4 A/TT SUPER CAB2012 126,622km Pretoria WHITE R289,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCI XLT 4X4 A/T D/C2013 38,775km Pretoria WHITE R419,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCI XLT 4X4 A/TT D/C2012 52,150km Pretoria WHITE R399,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCI XLT 4X4 A/TT D/C2012 81,647km Pretoria WHITE R379,950.00
FORD ST 2.5 3DR2006 184,000km Cape Town  R114,995.00
FORD TERRITORY 4.0I ST AWD A/T 128,000km East Rand BLACK R139,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.4 TDCi A/C P/U S/C2010 175,000km Centurion SILVER R89,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3 2011 167,300km West Rand BLACK R74,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.32003 158,000km Cape Town WHITE R63,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.32004  East Rand WHITE R39,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.32009 185,788km East Rand WHITE R79,950.00
FORD BANTAM 1.32008 105,200km East Rand WHITE R59,950.00
FORD BANTAM 1.32009 64,000km Johannesburg BLUE R69,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3 A/C2011 119,900km West Rand WHITE R89,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3 P/U S/C2011 76,000km Rustenburg SILVER R82,950.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3 P/U S/C2010 239,200km JHB Northern Suburbs WHITE R74,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3 p/u s/c2007 71,475km West Rand WHITE R74,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3 P/U S/C2010 173,500km West Rand WHITE R69,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3 XL2009 97,429km Pretoria WHITE R89,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3 XLT A/C P/U S/C2007 232,260km West Rand WHITE R69,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i2011 99,000km Centurion WHITE R79,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i2005 234,000km Goodwood BLUE R59,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i 2010 152,690km Gezina WHITE R75,000.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i2010  Centurion WHITE R79,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i2009 121,000km Goodwood WHITE R89,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i2010 104,000km Centurion WHITE R79,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3I2011 114,000km Klerksdorp SILVER R89,000.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i A/C2011 155,000km Rustenburg WHITE R92,950.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i A/C2009 143,759km Centurion WHITE R81,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i A/C S/C P/U2011 121,750km West Rand WHITE R79,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i P/U2011 147,000km Pretoria WHITE R94,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i P/U2011 147,000km Pretoria WHITE R89,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i P/V A/C2010 143,000km Pretoria WHITE R94,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i P/V A/CON2011 139,000km Pretoria WHITE R99,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i XL2010 65,000km Pretoria CHARCOAL R104,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i XL 2009 128,000km Pietermaritzburg WHITE R89,880.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i XL2009 197,000km Bellville BLACK R69,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i XL P/V2011 136,000km Pretoria WHITE R99,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i XLT A/C P/U S/C2009 110,500km Centurion WHITE R82,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.4 TDXI2010 180,000km East Rand WHITE R99,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.4TDCi2009 185,000km Centurion WHITE R89,500.00
FORD BANTAM 1.4TDCi2009 109,000km Pretoria WHITE R99,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.4TDCi A/C P/U S/C2010 88,201km Pretoria WHITE R114,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.62010 75,721km Centurion WHITE R89,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 A/C2010 169,000km Pietermaritzburg WHITE R89,880.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 A/C2011 105,300km East Rand WHITE R89,950.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 BASE2011 105,000km Pretoria WHITE R92,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 BASE P/V2011 156,000km Pretoria WHITE R99,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 BASE P/V2010 142,000km Pretoria WHITE R94,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 P/U S/C2011 114,200km West Rand WHITE R84,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 xlt2007 198,116km West Rand WHITE R64,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 XLT2010 136,000km Klerksdorp SILVER R119,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6 XLT2010 147,000km Boksburg WHITE R89,995.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6i2010 125,500km Centurion WHITE R89,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6i2012 140,000km Pretoria WHITE R79,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6i (aircon)2010 99,900km Centurion WHITE R109,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6i A/C2009 181,644km Johannesburg WHITE R89,950.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6i XLT2006 114,000km Pretoria WHITE R74,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6i XLT2011 55,000km Pietermaritzburg WHITE R129,990.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6i XLT +CANOPY2008 119,000km Pretoria WHITE R84,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.6i XLT P/U S/C2006 137,000km Rustenburg WHITE R56,950.00
FORD BANTAM 130i2009  Johannesburg WHITE R79,900.00
FORD BANTAM 130i XL2008  Johannesburg WHITE R59,900.00
FORD BANTAM 16002010  Vereeniging WHITE R84,900.00
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5TiVCT TITANIUM AUTO 4472KM2014 4,472km Pretoria WHITE R274,900.00
FORD ESCORT 1.8D SEDAN1997  East Rand WHITE R19,995.00
FORD EVEREST 3.0 TDCI XLT 2010 122,300km Pretoria GREEN R179,950.00
FORD EVEREST 3.0L DIESEL2011 94,745km Centurion SILVER R199,900.00
FORD F250 4.2 TDI 4X2 P/U S/C2006 279,700km Pretoria DARK RED R169,900.00
FORD F250 4.2 XL LWB 4X22007 189,000km Pretoria WHITE R159,995.00
FORD FAIRLANE 5001964 100,000km Pretoria BLACK R400,000.00
FORD FIESTA 1.3 flight2003 234,500km Cape Town ORANGE R36,000.00
FORD FIESTA 1.42008 120,000km Pretoria WHITE R89,950.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 3DR (M)2004 1,199,000km Pretoria SILVER R69,990.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 AMBIENTE2013 20,966km Pretoria WHITE R149,995.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 AMBIENTE 5dR2013 36,939km East Rand SILVER R149,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 AMBIENTE 5dr2010 171,536km Centurion GREEN R102,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 AMBIENTE 5DR (M)2004 196,000km Pretoria GREY R69,990.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 AMBIENTE 5DR (M)2013 52,000km Pretoria WHITE R159,990.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 AMBIENTE 5DR (M)2010 142,000km Pretoria WHITE R129,990.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 AMBIENTE 5DR (M)2009 144,000km Pretoria WHITE R119,990.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 TDCI AMBIENTE2010 111,000km Pretoria SILVER R94,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 TREND2010 43,000km Pretoria WHITE R114,995.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4 TREND FACELIFT 5Dr2013 21,000km Pretoria RED R149,500.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4i2005 102,000km Cape Town BLACK R699,995.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4i 5dr2005 177,242km East Rand BLUE R64,950.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4i Ambiente2010 148,130km Gezina BEIGE R105,000.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4i Base 5dr2006 142,738km East Rand BLACK R64,950.00
FORD FIESTA 1.62010 150,000km Centurion BLACK R98,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 Ambiente2011 92,000km Centurion SILVER R124,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 AMBIENTE2013 129,600km West Rand WHITE R124,990.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 DTCI2011 115,200km East Rand GREEN R119,950.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 RSi 3dr2001 202,975km JHB Northern Suburbs BLUE R45,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TDCi 5-dr2009 107,472km JHB Northern Suburbs BLACK R79,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TDCI AMBIENTE 5-DOOR2011 97,062km Pretoria GREY R129,950.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TDCi TREND2008 143,800km Centurion SILVER R79,500.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TDCi TREND 3DR2007 114,000km Pretoria BLACK R74,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TITANIUM2009 143,880km Bellville TAN R119,950.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TITANIUM2012 64,000km East Rand GOLD R184,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TITANIUM 3dr2012 32,000km Pretoria WHITE R169,000.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TITANIUM 5DR2009 146,000km Pretoria LIME R129,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TITANUIM 5DR2009 118,207km Gezina SILVER R139,995.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TREND POWERSHIFT A/T 2011 120,000km JHB Northern Suburbs WHITE R119,995.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TREND SEDAN2011 47,450km Pretoria BRONZE R134,950.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TRENDLINE2008 125,650km West Rand CHARCOAL R74,990.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TRENDLINE 5 DR2009 129,600km Pretoria BLACK R99,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6i 5DR2004 189,000km Pietermaritzburg WHITE R59,880.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6i Ambiente2009 90,000km Pretoria WHITE R109,500.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6i AMBIENTE 5DR2010 124,000km Pretoria MET BLUE R124,990.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6i AMBIENTE A/T 5DR2008 129,579km Pretoria WHITE R79,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6i GHIA 5DR2005  Gezina BLACK R59,850.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6I SPORT 5RD2011 73,000km Pretoria RED R159,995.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6I TITANIUM 5 DOOR2010 81,820km Pretoria SILVER R134,950.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6i Trendline 3Dr2005 236,000km Pretoria BLUE R59,995.00
FORD FIESTA 5-door 1.4 Ambiente2009 89,434km Centurion GREY R109,900.00
FORD FIESTA Ambiente 1.6i 5 Door Facelift Auto2007 137,400km Pietermaritzburg SILVER R79,990.00
FORD FIESTA SPORT 1.62011 59,016km Pretoria CHARCOAL R154,995.00
FORD FIESTA ST 1.6 GTDI2013 21,800km Centurion RED R225,000.00
FORD FIESTA ST 3dr2013 16,600km Centurion ELECTRIC ORANGE R229,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.42011 85,000km East Rand WHITE R92,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.42011 67,000km East Rand WHITE R92,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.42011 110,000km East Rand WHITE R92,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.42011 56,000km Boksburg SILVER R89,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.42010  Johannesburg WHITE R79,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.42011 58,000km East Rand WHITE R92,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.42011 91,000km East Rand WHITE R92,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENT2011 32,518km East Rand GREY R89,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENT2010 99,000km Boksburg SILVER R84,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENT2012 129,000km Johannesburg WHITE R89,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2010 104,000km West Rand WHITE R74,990.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2013 30,000km Pretoria SILVER R109,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2012 33,000km Pretoria WHITE R109,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 Ambiente2013 19,500km Cape Town WHITE R109,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE 2013 20,247km Gezina CHILL R119,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE 2011 107,000km West Rand WHITE R89,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2010 120,600km West Rand WHITE R74,990.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 ambiente2011 105,800km West Rand WHITE R74,990.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2013 23,000km Pretoria GREY R119,990.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 ambiente2010 120,600km West Rand WHITE R74,990.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2013 34,000km Rustenburg SILVER R104,950.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2010 115,400km West Rand WHITE R74,990.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2012 35,000km Centurion GREY R97,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2011 122,250km West Rand WHITE R74,990.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2011 124,600km West Rand WHITE R74,990.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 Ambiente2013 25,000km Gezina WHITE, SEE GREY, CHI R105,000.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2011 36,375km Pretoria WHITE R94,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2010 125,250km West Rand WHITE R74,990.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2012 77,187km Pretoria CHILL R99,950.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2013 31,000km Gezina CHILL R119,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 Ambiente 5-dr2011 183,538km JHB Northern Suburbs WHITE R75,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE 5DR2011 71,000km Rustenburg WHITE R89,950.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TDCI AMBIENTE2010 77,300km Pretoria SILVER R94,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TDCi AMBIENTE2012 10,800km Cape Town SILVER R119,995.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TDCi Ambiente 5dr2011 55,000km Centurion SILVER R99,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TREND2011 48,000km Centurion RED R99,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TREND2012 40,000km Pretoria SILVER R99,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TREND 5dr2010 81,000km JHB Northern Suburbs WHITE R98,000.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TRENDLINE2012 19,290km Pretoria SILVER R109,950.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 Trendline2012 30,600km Gezina WHITE R109,950.00
FORD FIGO 1.4i2011 89,000km Pietermaritzburg RED R89,880.00
FORD FIGO 1.4i AMBIANTE2013 21,000km Cape Town WHITE R104,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4i AMBIENTE2013 26,000km Pretoria SILVER R114,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4i AMBIENTE 2013 22,000km Pretoria CHILL R114,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4i Ambiente2012 18,000km Johannesburg WHITE R104,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4i AMBIENTE2012 50,000km Pietermaritzburg WHITE R99,880.00
FORD FIGO 1.4i Ambiente 5-dr2011 70,212km JHB Northern Suburbs WHITE R89,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4TDCi AMBIENTE2013 19,364km Pretoria RED R124,900.00
FORD FOCUS 2009  Johannesburg RED R109,950.00
FORD FOCUS 1.62008  East Rand WHITE R69,995.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6 Si2009 144,341km West Rand WHITE R99,900.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6 Si 5Dr2005 186,000km Pretoria BLUE R69,990.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6 Si 5Dr2007 156,000km Pretoria GOLD R99,990.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6 TI VCT AMBIENTE2012 50,000km Pretoria SILVER R179,990.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6 TI VCT AMBIENTE2014 6,200km Rustenburg WHITE R199,950.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6 Ti VCT AMBIENTE 5DR2012 43,106km Pretoria WHITE R154,950.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6i2006 193,000km Cape Town BLUE R89,995.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6Ti VCT TREND2012 76,000km Pretoria BLUE R179,990.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 ambiente2011 120,000km Centurion WHITE R124,500.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 Ambiente2010 125,000km Centurion WHITE R129,950.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 Ambiente 5dr2010 161,000km Klerksdorp WHITE R159,900.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 AMBIENTE 5DR2011 138,000km Pretoria WHITE R139,990.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 Si2010 88,000km Cape Town WHITE R139,990.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 Si 5-dr2011 128,500km JHB Northern Suburbs GREY R165,900.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 Si 5DR H/B (M)2009 141,000km Pretoria GREY R159,990.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8Si2010 65,000km East Rand SILVER R169,900.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8Si2011 96,000km Pretoria BLUE R159,900.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8Si2009 105,740km Pretoria WHITE R144,995.00
FORD FOCUS 2.0 TDCi2007 150,000km Centurion MAROON R74,900.00
FORD FOCUS 2.0 TDCi Si 5Dr2009 129,000km Rustenburg WHITE R179,950.00
FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST 3 DOOR2008 156,659km Pretoria RED R169,950.00
FORD FOCUS 2.5 st 3dr2007 166,380km West Rand BLACK R119,900.00
FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST 3DR2011 51,000km Pretoria GOLD R259,900.00
FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST 3dr (M)2009 67,000km JHB Northern Suburbs GREY R209,900.00
FORD FOCUS Focus 1.8 Si 5Dr2009 133,144km Johannesburg SILVER R139,950.00
FORD FOCUS SPORTLINE 1.62007 170,000km Pretoria WHITE R79,900.00
FORD FOCUS ST2007  Johannesburg RED R119,900.00
FORD FOCUS ST 12013 21,595km Centurion BLUE R279,900.00
FORD FOCUS ST 2.52011 62,000km Boksburg SILVER R229,995.00
FORD FOCUS ST 2.52011 70,300km Centurion WHITE R249,500.00
FORD FOCUS ST 2.5 3DR2009 101,000km JHB Northern Suburbs WHITE R189,999.00
FORD FOCUS ST 2.5 3DR2008 165,000km East Rand BLUE R179,995.00
FORD FOCUS ST 2.5 3dr2011 57,000km Pretoria WHITE R234,995.00
FORD FOCUS ST 2.5 5DR2011 27,552km East Rand SILVER R249,950.00
FORD FOCUS ST 2.5T2006  Johannesburg SILVER R119,900.00
FORD FOCUS ST 3dr2007 120,000km Johannesburg WHITE R129,900.00
FORD Focus ST 3dr2010 64,000km Pretoria BLACK R234,900.00
FORD IKON 1.4 Ambiente2008 130,000km Pretoria WHITE R69,995.00
FORD IKON 1.62011  Johannesburg WHITE R99,900.00
FORD IKON 1.62011  Johannesburg WHITE R89,900.00
FORD IKON 1.62012  Johannesburg WHITE R99,900.00
FORD IKON 1.6 AMB2011 52,000km West Rand SILVER R109,900.00
FORD IKON 1.6 AMBIENTE2012 24,800km Pretoria WHITE R129,900.00
FORD IKON 1.6 AMBIENTE2010 101,200km West Rand WHITE R79,990.00
FORD IKON 1.6 AMBIENTE2009 126,250km West Rand WHITE R69,990.00
FORD IKON 1.6 AMBIENTE2012 121,500km West Rand WHITE R82,990.00
FORD IKON 1.6 AMBIENTE2010 107,800km West Rand WHITE R79,990.00
FORD IKON 1.6 AMBIENTE2009 92,000km Pretoria WHITE R89,900.00
FORD IKON 1.6 AMBIENTE2012  JHB Northern Suburbs WHITE R79,995.00
FORD IKON 1.6 Ambiente2009 99,000km Pretoria GREY R89,995.00
FORD IKON 1.6 AMBIENTE2010 128,100km West Rand WHITE R79,990.00
FORD IKON 1.6 LX2004 250,000km West Rand WHITE R39,990.00
FORD IKON 1.6 tendline2010 70,848km Vereeniging WHITE R94,900.00
FORD IKON 1.6i LX2002 122,100km Centurion WHITE R49,900.00
FORD KA AMBIENTE2008 113,000km Rustenburg WHITE R46,950.00
FORD KUGA 1.6T ECOBOOST TREND AWD A/T2013 5,591km Pretoria WHITE R349,900.00
FORD KUGA 2.5T AWD TITANUIM A/T2012 64,300km Hatfield SILVER R259,000.00
FORD KUGA 2.5T TITANIUM A/T2011 91,000km West Rand ORANGE R229,995.00
FORD LASER TRACER1996  Johannesburg BLUE R29,900.00
FORD MONDEO ST220 3.0 V62004 186,670km JHB Northern Suburbs BLUE R84,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 TD XLT 4X4 P/U D/C2011 92,700km Centurion WHITE R219,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0TDCi HI-TRAIL XLE P/U D/C2008 181,700km Centurion WHITE R145,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0TDCi XLT HI-TRAIL P/U SUP2007 184,443km Centurion BLUE R134,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.2TDCi XLT 4X4 A/T P/U D/C2012 70,000km Centurion WHITE R406,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 LWB2001  Johannesburg WHITE R39,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 LWB A/C2010 180,000km Pretoria WHITE R129,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCI 2013 57,000km Boksburg WHITE R179,995.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCi XL P/U D/C2013 57,400km Pretoria LIGHT SILVER R279,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCI XL S/C LWB 4X22013 41,615km East Rand WHITE R219,950.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCi XLS D/cab2013 5,000km Pretoria WHITE R439,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCI XLS P/U S/C2013 42,500km Pretoria WHITE R249,000.00
FORD RANGER 2.2i LWB2010 207,000km West Rand WHITE R99,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2i P/U S/C2010 132,958km Pretoria WHITE R299,950.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCi XLS 4X4 PU DC2013 39,700km Hatfield WHITE R369,000.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 supercab 4x22007 127,000km Pretoria SILVER R139,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 TD XLT2005 234,000km Cape Town BLUE R109,995.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 TD LWB2005 169,000km Goodwood WHITE R84,995.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 TD LWB2007 237,000km Goodwood WHITE R109,995.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 TD Montana SupCab2006 181,000km Pretoria GREY R99,999.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 TD Single Cab Hi-Trail2009 203,400km Pietermaritzburg WHITE R129,990.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 TD SUPRCAB XLT 4X4 2004 201,000km Goodwood WHITE R119,995.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 TD XLT 4X4 D/C2010 121,000km Pretoria WHITE R229,950.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 TDI2001 260,000km Pietermaritzburg RED R79,880.00
FORD RANGER 2.5 TDi XLT 4x22006 310,520km Cape Town WHITE R99,950.00
FORD RANGER 2.5TD 4X4 P/U S/C2010 147,000km Centurion WHITE R164,950.00
FORD RANGER 2.5TD D/C2011 83,000km Boksburg WHITE R209,995.00
FORD RANGER 2.5TD D/C2010 175,200km East Rand WHITE R149,950.00
FORD RANGER 2500TD D/C MONTANA 4X42007 213,000km Pretoria WHITE R134,990.00
FORD RANGER 2500TD SUPER CAB MONTANA2007 174,000km Pretoria BLUE R114,990.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 CRDi2010 150,000km West Rand WHITE R189,990.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 CRDi SUP/CAB XLT2010 183,000km West Rand SILVER R179,990.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 CRDi XLE 4X4 SUP/CAB2009 148,860km West Rand BLUE R179,990.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi Hi-Trail XLE2010 108,145km Johannesburg BLUE R234,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCI WILDTRAK2010 135,000km Vanderbijlpark WHITE R279,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLE2011 104,000km Pretoria WHITE R249,999.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCI XLE 4X42011 72,000km Centurion WHITE R269,500.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCI XLE D/CAB2007  Johannesburg SILVER R129,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLE D/CAB Hi Trail 2010 110,000km Pretoria MAROON R249,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCI XLT 4X4 P/U SUPER CAB2009 175,000km Rustenburg SILVER R189,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLT 4x4 Super/Cab2011 61,000km Centurion WHITE R239,990.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCI XLT Hi-Trail2010 94,000km Klerksdorp SILVER R199,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLT HI-TRAIL 2010 122,000km Centurion SILVER R189,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLT HI-TRAIL D/CAB2009 150,000km JHB Northern Suburbs SILVER R189,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLT HI-TRAIL SUPER CAB2010 129,000km Centurion WHITE R169,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLT Hi-Trial 2010 201,128km Gezina SILVER R185,000.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLT P/U SUPER CAB2007 281,650km Pretoria RED R129,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLT SUPER CAB2007 192,000km Goodwood BLUE R159,995.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLT SUPER CAB2010 174,000km Goodwood GREY R199,995.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCi XLT SUPERCAB2007 191,000km Cape Town CHAMPAGNE R129,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCI XLT SUPERCAB 4X42008 180,063km Pretoria RED R159,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 XLT SUPERCAB2009 250,000km Pretoria WHITE R149,000.00
FORD RANGER 3.0TD XLT SUPCAB2010 212,000km West Rand CHARCOAL R174,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0TDCi SUP/CAB XLT HI-TRAIL2008 225,000km Pretoria GOLD R129,990.00
FORD RANGER 3.0TDCi Supercab2011 118,000km Pretoria WHITE R239,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.0TDCI XLT HI-TRAIL AUTO P/U SUPERCAB2012 149,000km Rustenburg WHITE R239,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 SuperCab 4x4 XLS auto2012 87,000km Centurion WHITE R299,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCi 4X4 D/CAB A/T2013 64,000km JHB Northern Suburbs WHITE R379,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCI WILDTRACK D/C2012 61,000km West Rand ORANGE R439,995.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCI XLD Supercab2012 104,000km Klerksdorp CHARCOAL R289,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCI XLS A/T SUPER CAB 4X42012 53,000km Pretoria WHITE R329,990.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCi XLS HI-RAIDER S/C 4X42012 60,252km Pretoria WHITE R279,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCI XLT AUTP D/C2013 53,923km Pretoria WHITE R389,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCi XLT D/C M/T2012 97,767km Pretoria WHITE R339,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 XLT 4x2 DOUBLE CAB - AUTO2014 4,800km JHB Northern Suburbs BURGUNDY R399,000.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 XLT 4x4 Auto Double Cab2012 73,000km Pretoria WHITE R324,999.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 XLT 4x4 D/C P/U2012 95,000km JHB Northern Suburbs SILVER GREY R335,000.00
FORD RANGER 3.2TDCi XLT 4X4 A/T P/U D/C2012 66,725km Pretoria WHITE R409,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.2TDCI XLT 4X4 AUTO P/U DOUBLE CAB2012 132,000km Rustenburg WHITE R364,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2TDCi XLT 4X4 Super Cab2013 28,000km Pretoria BLUE R349,900.00
FORD RANGER 4.0 V6 SUPERCAP2004 192,300km East Rand WHITE R69,950.00
FORD RANGER 4.0i V62004  Goodwood WHITE R119,900.00
FORD Ranger 4.0i V6 XLE DoubleCab2008 98,000km Pretoria BLACK R164,900.00
FORD RANGER 4.0i V6 XLT HI-TRAIL P/U SUP2009 119,000km Pretoria BLUE R139,995.00
FORD RANGER D/C2002  Johannesburg BLUE R99,900.00
FORD RANGER iV 3.0 TDCi D/CAB (PTA N)2010 82,000km Centurion CHARCOAL R259,500.00
FORD RANGER MAZDA BT50 FREESTYLECAB 3.2TD AUTO2012 156,000km Pretoria WHITE R239,995.00
FORD RANGER MONTANA 2.5TD2006  Johannesburg MAROON R109,900.00
FORD RANGER Montana club cab2006  Vereeniging SILVER R109,900.00
FORD RANGER S/C 3.OTDCI XLT2011 78,000km Vanderbijlpark WHITE R239,950.00
FORD RANGER SUPER CAB 3.0 TDCi XLT2009 195,381km Cape Town WHITE R149,995.00
FORD RANGER SUPERCAB 3.0 TDCi XLT2009 215,910km Centurion WHITE POA
FORD RANGER SUPERCAB 3.0 TDCi XLT 4X4 (M)2008 263,698km Centurion WHITE R147,900.00
FORD RANGER V 3.2 TDCi XLT 4x4 DOUBLE CAB2012 57,000km Pietermaritzburg SILVER R399,880.00
FORD RANGER Wildtrack A/T 3.2D 4X2 D/C2014 6,600km East Rand GREY R469,950.00
FORD RANGER WILDTRAK 4X2 MANUAL2014 100km Vanderbijlpark WHITE R459,950.00
FORD RANGER WILDTRAK A/T 4X42014 1,000km Vanderbijlpark SILVER R519,950.00
FORD RANGER XLE 3.0 TDCi D/CAB A/T2009 157,089km Centurion CHARCOAL R192,900.00
FORD RANGER XLT D/C2002  Johannesburg BLUE R99,900.00
FORD ROADSTER V8 220Ci1935  JHB Northern Suburbs GREEN R495,000.00
FORD TELSTAR 2.01997 190,000km West Rand WHITE R18,000.00
FORD TERRITORY 4.0 GHIA A/T2006 165,531km JHB Northern Suburbs BLACK R99,900.00
FORD TERRITORY 4.0i Ghia A/T2006 207,000km West Rand SILVER R99,995.00
FORD TERRITORY 4.0I ST2007 97,000km JHB Northern Suburbs BURGUNDY R109,950.00
FORD TERRITORY GHIA 4.0 A/T RWD2007 108,082km Pretoria BLACK R129,950.00


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